May. 11th, 2017

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So we're still running, after finishing Couch to 5K in mid-March. We're keeping up with 3 runs a week. The only ones I've missed was when I was due to run on a day when I'd walked 35 miles of coastal path, on the grounds that I'd done more than enough exercise already, thank you very much.

I definitely find it a lot easier to do my runs in the evening, about two hours after dinner. I never seem to struggle at this time. When I've run during the day, I've always found it harder. There are some good reasons for this. The weekend runs have sometimes been after a late night the night before, and some have been in hot sunshine when thirst was an issue. Sometimes I've gone out after getting in from work, before dinner, but I think I just don't have enough calories inside me at that time of day to keep myself going. However, I'm also beginning to worry that I'm developing a bit of a mental block about non-evening running, and there's a risk that I'll find the runs hard merely because I expect to.

Then there's the issue of speed. At the moment, my comfortable pace seems to be about 6 mins per km. I can maintain this steadily for long periods without getting particularly out of breath. Increase this to 5 mins 45 seconds per km, and I really struggle. It seems crazy that such a tiny increase in speed should make such a big difference to my ability to cope with it. Although, granted, all these faster runs have taken place just before dinner, when, as mentioned above, I might be struggling for other reasons.

We did 10k on Tuesday, not entirely intentionally. I'd done 8.5km by myself when Pellinor was away the other weekend, so wanted to go to 9. Pellinor measures his runs in miles (I walk in miles but run in km) so when we reached 9k, he pointed out that he wasn't that far off 6 miles. So we kept going... whereupon I pointed out that we were now close enough to 10k that we might as well carry on until that. We did an hour and 30 seconds, with a pretty constant speed. So far, the best I've managed for 5k is just under 29 minutes.

I don't know what goal to work for now. Pellinor's faster than me, and much more interested in speed - specifically, speed while wearing armour. I'm not that fussed about speed, but would like to increase my distance. But I'm worried about possible hot weather, so I might have to keep things fairly steady over the summer, and add more distance next winter. We'll see.

I can't say I actively enjoy running, especially when I'm by myself. But the 10k on Tuesday was fun, since we were coping well enough to be able to chat, and we had loads of cat encounters to keep things interesting. But I enjoy seeing the improvement in my abilities, and I like feeling like "a runner." Perhaps my next goal should be to take part in a Park Run or something similar, and actually engage with other runners.


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