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So I took everyone's advice and went to the running shop on Tuesday, where I bought some new running shoes, ones designed to support feet like mine. Why do running shoes all come in lurid psychedelic colours? "These ones are on sale," the chap said, "since they're in last year's colours," but I couldn't see any obvious difference between this year's cornucopia of psychedelia (band name?) and those that were SO last year. I tried on many, and chose those that were by far the most comfortable - ones which the chap said supported my feet properly. Unfortunately, they're fluorescent turquoise with fluorescent orange laces.

In week 2, there were 6 90 second stretches of running, with 2 minutes of walking in between each one. Week 3 had the same amount of running, but broken down into 2 90 minute stretches and 2 3 minute stretches.

Sunday: We were rather later going out than intended - about 8.45 p.m. - because we were busy finishing off a game of Mistfall. This proved to be a mistake, since the mist did indeed fall, freezing as it fell. This made for very pretty, sparkly pavements, but also fairly slippery ones. We were prepared to abort, but it turned out that running was less slippery than walking, so we were able to proceed with the whole session. I was pleasantly surprised by how... not easy, as such, but not-hard it was. It was also noticeably shorter than the previous 2. I am gradually being forced to conclude that walking and dancing have left me more fit than I thought.

By Tuesday evening, the fog had finally lifted, and although there was some ice forming on cars, there was nothing on the ground. Pretty stars. As in week 2, I found this second run of the week a little harder than the first one - probably because on the first one, we were carefully keeping the pace down. This was my first run in my new shoes, but I couldn't feel any difference, although I can see by looking at them that they have a bit more support under the arches. Once again, despite taking a different route for our cool-down walk, and guessing at which point we needed to turn round and head for home, we reached our doormat JUST as the podcast told us that we'd finished. This makes it 4 times out of 8 now.

Thursday: Friday is our normal running day, since we have dancing on Monday (both of us), Wednesday (me) and Thursday (Pellinor.) Since we're supposed to run 3 days a week, with at least one rest day in between runs, we have absolutely no flexibility about the timings if we want to run together. However, Pellinor has a cold and is fairly sure he won't want to run tomorrow, so I decided to head out by myself tonight. I've got tomorrow off work, and want to do a long walk, and would rather do the run on a different day. This was my first time of running alone, and I was a bit self-conscious about it, but it wasn't too bad in the end. I mistimed my arrival home by over a minute. :-(

I've still not had any stiffness and although I'm getting hot and going very red-cheeked, I've not been badly out of breath. I'm getting a few very mild twinges in my right shin, which is why I'm being cautious about tomorrow's walk. In the muddy season, I am more likely to walk on hard surfaces, and this, too, can be hard on the shins.

I'm not that scared of the content of week 4, but the scheduling will be difficult, since we're off to a dinner on the mainland next Friday night. Although I'm coming back to the island on Saturday, Pellinor won't be back until Sunday evening, and all our dancing commitments mean that we can't just postpone a run for a day.
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