ladyofastolat: (sneezing lion)
2017-04-28 10:21 pm


Last year, when Pellinor was away during the late May Bank Holiday weekend, I walked the coastal path. Naturally, this one occurrence is enough to make this a thing. So this year, knowing that he would be away during this first May Bank Holiday weekend, I decided to walk the coastal path again. Because it's tradition now, isn't it? I always walk the Coastal Path when he's away for a Bank Holiday weekend. It is known. It's a little more challenging this year, since I have got to* fit it around getting up at 3.30 a.m. on Monday and tromping around on the Downs watching Morris dancing. Also, for various reasons (bus times, a later finishing time, less daylight than in late May), I don't think I'll be able to do what I did last year, and get a dozen miles under my belt after work on Saturday, so it must all be done on the Sunday and Monday. But I think that's doable.

The trouble is, the weather forecast is turning more and more rainy every time I look at it. The following conversations have ensued.

Everyone at work: Of course, if it's raining badly, you just won't do it.
Me: No, if it's raining badly, I'll just get wet.
Everyone at work: But WHY? It's not as if you HAVE to do it.
Me: YES I DO! *pause* Okay, no, no I don't, but... but...!
Everyone at work: But what?
Me: I've planned to do it! If I don't do it not, I'll feel all disgruntled and disappointed and grumpy with myself.
Everyone at work: Why?
Me: Because it was The Plan! So I'm doing it, whatever the weather. Because it's The Plan!

I don't think any of them understand. I should probably talk myself round to their way of thinking, but... but... it's The Plan!

* To be fair, there's no "got to" about this. It's not even my dance team that does the dancing. It's Pellinor team, and is he going? No, he's not. He's up in a field near Stoke on Trent smiting evil. I'm just going as a spectator, and an eager participant in the post-dancing cooked breakfast - good fuel for the 30+ miles that will lie ahead of me. But this, too, is The Plan. I've done it every year for at least 15 years, and will feel equally disgruntled and disappointed and grumpy if I miss it.

And, hey, if I get up at the crack of dawn and get soaking wet, I can feel all the more virtuous and deserving of post-walk chips. :-D