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I got a new phone this week, prompted by the fact that my old phone's battery was struggling to survive half a day. I would like to say that I approached my purchasing decision with intelligence and sophistication, carefully reading up on all the specifications and making Lists, before dazzling the phone shop staff with my clear and incisive articulation of my conclusions. Well, I still could say that, but it would be a lie. What I actually did was go into the shop and say, "I want a phone that will cost me about the same as I'm paying now, works the same as my current phone and fits into this nifty little pocket in my handbag." The chap brought me two options. One didn't fit into the little pocket. One did, and as an added bonus, was a nice shiny pale gold. "I'll have it," I said.

And so I have a new phone. You are probably interested in all the technological specifications, so here are its key features.

1. It is very fond of skating, or maybe downhill skiing. I could put my old phone on the couch beside me, and it would usually stay where it was put. My new one slowly, inexorably skates towards me, gradually gaining speed until it hits me on my toe. (I always sit with my legs curled beneath me, which is why my toe is beside me on the couch.) I can press down the couch cushion and ensure that it absolutely, inarguably flat, and what happens? Yes, another ski run, terminating on my toe, even as the remote controls that were next to it are still sitting there unmoving. "Right!" I can say to it, as I slightly press down the far side of the couch cushion, so that if the phone decides to go skating, it will skate away from me, to nestle safely in the slight indentation between the un-sat-on cushions. And what happens? Yes, once again, it skates towards me, defying gravity, and hits me on the toe.

2. Actually, writing up point 1 makes me wonder if it has some sort of magnetic attraction towards me. I did wonder why the phone shop man spent quite so long setting up my phone. I thought he was just registering things and transferring data, but maybe he was also establishing some sort of new-fangled homing magic, so the phone would always find its owner. Or its owner's toe, at least. I can see that this would be quite useful.

3. My old phone had rounded edges, so when I put it down on a hard surface, I could easily pick it up. My new phone is thinner and less grippable, and when it's on the glass surface of the coffee table, it strongly resists any attempt to pick it up. I often end up having to slide it off the edge, and trying to catch it before it decides to do an Eddie the Eagle impression and land on my toe. Sometimes random buttons get pressed as I do this. As is the habit of random buttons pressed by accident (or cats), this will probably result in an awesome feature opening up, one which I will never again discover by design, as long as my phone and I both shall live.

4. It's shiny!


Jun. 25th, 2014 01:50 pm
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Grump! I've been using the MapMyWalk app on my phone since January, and have used it to track over 200 walks, ranging from less than a mile to over 30 miles. Barring a few issues with battery use, I've had no problems with it.

Last week, I installed a big upgrade...

After a week of fighting with it, I have had to conclude that the upgrade has made the app unusable on my phone. I don't know if this is because my phone, although less than a year old, is at the budget end of the Smartphone spectrum? I've only managed one successful walk, and that was a simple A to B walk in Southampton, only 2 miles, with no pauses. Otherwise, it refuses to start again when paused. It shouts about not being able to connect to their website - something it never previously moaned about, which is just as well, given the lack of network coverage one tends to encounter on country walks. It sometimes freezes up completely, forcing me to restart my phone. It devours battery life at least twice as fast as the old one, if not more, even when paused.

Yes, I am using the free version of the app, rather than paying to get the more advanced version. I accept that this gives me very limited right to complain. I am not a paying customer, and they owe me nothing. But I'm still grumped about it. I'm 88% of the way through my "walk 1000 miles" target on MapMyWalk, so I don't want to move away from it until I've completed that. I can map walks manually - easy when you walk on roads; rather more challenging when you go cross country - but it's so much easier to have a magic device in your pocket doing all the counting for you.

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My Kindle keeps freezing up. If I try to reset it, it gets half way through the process, then freezes again. Plugging it into the computer for a while and then trying again has worked a few times, but within a few hours, it freezes again. Annoyingly, it's just over a year old, so out of warranty. Looking online, it seems as if buying a new one is the only real option when Kindles fail, though Amazon might give me a discount for this. I'll have to contact them tonight and see what they say. Pellinor, meanwhile, has lost his new Kindle after just a month, either on the ferry or in a tapas bar, so it's not been a very good few days for Kindles in our house.

In completely unrelated news, I noticed today that the "Healthy Choice" version of Co-op's own brand natural yogurt is higher per 100g in calories, fat, saturated fat and sugar than the regular, non-healthy version. The pot is the same size, too. How can this be?


Sep. 9th, 2012 07:54 am
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Can anyone recommend a reliable make of laptop? I've had power problems with my current Dell Inspiron laptop for years. A couple of years ago, the battery refused to charge, although the computer still accepted power when it was plugged in. A new battery more or less fixed that, although it still gave fairly frequent power-related error messages. Now it denies all knowledge of being plugged in, and the battery drains to zero despite the computer being plugged in. Taking the battery out and putting it in again often provides a temporary fix, allowing it to recharge the battery a bit, but generally only for half and hour, or so. So now I'm in a position of having no desktop and effectively no laptop, either.

Looking online, it seems that this power problem is fairly common with Dell laptops. This has understandably made me reluctant to buy a Dell, hence my request for recommendations for reliable makes. As for specific model, I don't need anything posh. I use the laptop entirely at home, so weight isn't an issue. I use it almost exclusively for web surfing, although I do occasionally watch things on BBC iPlayer on it. It might very occasionally be expected to run old games like Left4Dead and Unreal Tournament when there are several people in the house, and not enough proper computers to go round, but I don't see the point it paying hundreds of pounds more to get a good gaming system when it will probably only be used for gaming once a year, and then only if we're desperate.

Yes, I know I could solve both problems by getting an expensive laptop to replace the desktop, but I don't want to do that. Writing and gaming happens on my desktop upstairs, but I like to have internet access on tap downstairs, accessible through a laptop I can grab at any time, so I really don't want to have to plug and unplug a laptop and carry it up and downstairs several times a day.

I don't want to buy anything without seeing it in the flesh, since I'm very fussy about trackpads and keyboard layout, but recommendations of places to start will be appreciated.
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I've got today off work, due to working tomorrow, so decided to go for my first island Big Walk since Walk the Wight, and my first walk of any description since hurting my back. It was gorgeous weather, scenery-wise, although a little hot for my taste. I didn't take a camera, since if I carry it in my rucksack, it's too much of a hassle to use, and if I carry it round my neck, it hurts my back over long distances, but I did rather regret it, since everywhere looked so blue and sparkling and lovely. Purbeck was clearly visible, and the sea below the cliffs of West Wight were completely transparent, and a beautiful blue-green.

There were flowers everywhere, far more than I can remember, and loads of butterflies. Restharrow, yarrow, ragwort and knapweed (and many others) for the first few miles, with various brown butterflies, and a few painted ladies (?) thrown in to the mix. On the chalk downs just east of Freshwater, there were chalkhill blues rising up with every step, though fewer than last year, and I didn't see any adonis blues this time, or the lovely furry caterpillars I remember from September two years ago. Harebells, absolutely thousands of gentians, most of them not quite in flower, eyebright... and lots of others I can't remember. Carpets of pink heather in the occasional places where island geology gets Interesting. I must go back in a week or two and see if all the gentians are in flower.

We're going out to dinner in half an hour or so - or whenever Pellinor gets off the ferry, this being something subject to change, since the Bestival is bringing tens of thousands of people to the island. (They're already emptied Sainsbury's of canned lager and cider this afternoon.) This is our three-weeks-too-late celebration of our wedding anniversary, the correct date clashing with Cowes Week.

My desktop computer has been given up as beyond repair. I've got its sad remains back so I can get data off, and now we need to decide what new one to order. Annoyingly, my laptop is also playing up, frequently denying all knowledge of being connected to a source of power, and draining the battery to empty despite being plugged in. Battery life is ticking down alarmingly as I write this, so I'd better stop.


Aug. 31st, 2012 05:31 pm
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I'm still computerless. The "computer vet" (as Pellinor puts it, doubtless satirising various past mistakes of mine) says it's probably the motherboard, and getting a new one will be tricky and expensive (presumably because I've got a shuttle.) Depending on the exact definition of tricky and expensive, it might be time to get a new computer. I've not played any new games for a while, so haven't had cause to stretch the capabilities of my 4 or 5 year old system, but Borderlands 2 is coming up soon, and I've just read a preview of Dishonored which makes me think I'll very probably want to play it. I chose a shuttle since it fitted nicely into the partitioned storage in my desk, and was nice and easy to transport for LAN parties, but since the only LAN parties it's ever been taken to have happened in our house, the latter consideration, at least, can be discounted.

But the short-term effect of all this means that I'm still computerless going into a weekend in which Pellinor's away. I'd hoped to do quite a lot of writing, but have never been able to write properly on the laptop. (I'd also planned to do a long walk, but my back is still protesting loudly about having been forced to run to catch a train, so this won't be happening, either.) I've still got lots of unbacked-up stuff lurking on my hard drive in the hands of the computer vet, but I'm sure I'll get it all back one day.


Aug. 28th, 2012 12:10 pm
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Well, I survived. It was even more hard work and busy than last year, despite having Pellinor around a lot more (due to his no longer playing Knight Commander) and despite me managing to get to bed a few hours earlier each night. A lot of things worked better than last year, I think, and my "things I want to do different next year" list will be a lot shorter than it was last year, but it was shattering for the following reasons )

The final straw came yesterday when I knew I had to leave at c. 9.25 to catch the 9.53 local train, which would give me 50 minutes hanging around at Sheffield before catching the 11.23 train to Southampton. I had a seat reservation on this train, and my ticket was invalid on any other train. However, a couple of things came up just as I was leaving, and I ended up having to run part of the way, only for the level crossing barrier to come down as I reached it, separating me from the platform as my train came in. I collapsed sobbing and pretty much had a meltdown on the verge, too exhausted from running to even stand.

Pellinor raced out in the van to pick me up (pretty much literally), and arranged a lift to get me to Sheffield. Just before leaving, the lady who was about to drive me there said, "You've got your tickets?" and I double checked... only to discover that I was actually booked on the 1.23 train from Sheffield. So, yes, I managed to well nigh kill myself by missing a train I wasn't even aiming for. At least laughing at my stupidity gave me a second wind, and allowed me to go back to the bar and play dodgy market trader by flogging off leftover food to anyone prepared to give me a reasonable offer.

By the way, thanks for all the computer help. It was good to get reassurance en route, although I have to admit that once I was there, my cat-feeder could have phoned to tell me that the house had burned down, and I'd have said, "yes, yes, okay, fine... now where's the lid to the soup kettle, and I need 95 mugs NOW!" I'm too tired and zombiefied to bother trying to get it fixed today - or indeed to do anything useful with it, even if I had it all working properly - so I'll probably wait until Pellinor gets home.

Oh, and my bad back more or less stood up to things, at least until my epic but fruitless running adventure yesterday. It hurts quite a bit today - alternating between pain and pins and needles - but I'm sure it'll be fine soon.
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My desktop computer won't switch on! When I press the power button, it begins doing its normal healthy "I am switching on!" whirring, but after a second, it whirs down to silence and all lights go off. Only a few days ago, I said guiltily how awful I am about backing anything up, but did I do anything about it? Of course not! I have loads and loads of stuff on that computer that isn't backed up anywhere else, including pretty much every photo I've even taken in the last 6 years or so (except for those I've posted on LJ) and several not-yet-posted stories.

And I'm due to leave for Summerfest in an hour, so can't take it to a nice heroic computer man for him to fix. If anyone wise in the ways of computers is able to say to me, "Don't worry! It sounds as if you just need to have the Technobabble replaced, and then it will work perfectly and you won't lose anything you've got saved!" this would be a very very reassuring thing to hear while I'm en route.

Last night, I slept very badly and managed to dream about 101 things that could go wrong with Summerfest and my journey there, which ranged from the plausible (forgetting train tickets, although this will no longer happen, since Action has been taken; hideous drench etc.) to the less plausible (missing the train on account of staying behind to clean the castle; Henry V's army turning up and eating all our bacon butties, etc.) but I didn't dream this one.
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Quite a lot of websites that I visit every day are ones that I've never bothered to bookmark, since they're listed in the drop-down list that appears when I click the down arrow on the address bar. In the past, I've always clicked on the arrow, selected the site, and the site has immediately loaded. However, a few weeks ago, things changed on my desktop computer. Now I have to click on the arrow, select the site, and then click on a little sideways arrow that's appeared, captioned "go to the address in the location bar." Not very arduous, I have to admit, but I am not at all used to this extra step, meaning that nine times out of ten I click on the address, and sit there for ages doing nothing, expecting the site to start loading automatically. I'll get used to it soon, you might say, except that it still works the old way on my work computer and on the laptop, which is where I do most of my browsing.

So the question is: is there something I can do to change it back? I've looked at every option I can find on Firefox, and have tried Googling a solution, but no joy yet. Yes, it's only a tiny little inconvenience, and I'll doubtless get used to it eventually, but I'd rather it go away.


Dec. 15th, 2011 05:36 pm
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One of the feet of my keyboard (is "foot" the proper word?) is broken, and has for a very long time been held on with a large wodge of Blu Tac. However, a few weeks ago, the keyboard started wobbling again, and no amount of prodding and moulding and remoulding and modelling and coaxing and cajoling was able to stop the wobble, which was really quite annoying and perturbed the then cats.

Slightly fewer weeks ago, I grabbed my passport, which had been sitting by my computer ever since a not-all-that-recent-at-all-,-really-,-if-I'm-honest attempt at unpacking had failed to reach its proper conclusion, and put it under the ailing foot. It stopped the wobble perfectly. Hmmm, think I, every few days, I suppose I ought to replace that with something less important, and put the passport back in the "important stuff" folder in the filing cabinet, because if I don't, it's going to slide completely out of sight under the keyboard, and I'll forget where it is, and have an enormous panic next time I need to fly anywhere.

Needless to say, I have not done it. Therefore I make this post so that when the probable happens, and I post here in a panic in however many months time about my missing passport, I have an entire Friends list full of people who... well, who have probably forgotten even more about the whereabouts of my passport than I have myself, but, hey, I can but try.

And, of course, in the time that I wrote all this, I could have removed the passport, filed it away in its proper place, grabbed all the assorted thicknesses of cardboard that were sitting on the doorstep this evening with presents inside them, and tested them all until I found one that was not Too Big and not Too Small but Just Right to make a little plinth (plinth is one of my favourite words; it has a very pleasingly comical sound) for the broken beblutacked foot to rest upon. But I didn't. This is probably a symbol of the decline of something.
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Oh, curses. I've now remembered one of the reasons why I've not played any solo computer games for a few years: my computer makes such a hideous noise when it's thinking hard that I can't hear any of the in-game dialogue, and can't bear even to be in the same room as it for any length of time. I lasted barely five minutes of the game I just began. I could play the entire game on the additional monitor in Pellinor's room, I suppose, but that only works when he's out, and I don't want to start a game that I can only play at certain limited times. Alternatively, I could wear headphones, but I really don't like them, and only wear them when I really have to. Grr! I wonder if something can be done to make my computer more quiet, or if I need to consider getting a new one. It's always been a bit wierd, this one. It doesn't respond at all well to being moved, for one thing, and at last year's Wightfrag, every single day it refused to load Windows until it had been passed ritually around the room from hand to hand.
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I just got the following error message on LJ. Have messages like this been happening all along without me noticing? Is someone just having a silly day? And are there any other fun error messages out there for me to find?

Page Not Found

I'm sorry, you've reached a page that I cannot find. I'm really sorry about this. It's kind of embarassing. Here you are, the user, trying to get to a page on LiveJournal and I can't even serve it to you. What does that say about me? I'm just a webserver. My sole purpose in life is to serve you webpages and I can't even do that! I suck. Please don't be mad, I'll try harder. I promise! Who am I kidding? You're probably all like, "Man, LiveJournal's webserver sucks. It can't even get me where I want to go." I'm really sorry. Maybe it's my that's bout my hard drives? Maybe. Where's my admin? I can't run self-diagnostics on myself. It's so boring in this datacenter. It's the same thing everyday. Oh man, I'm so lonely. I'm really sorry about rambling about myself, I'm selfish. I think I'm going to go cut my ethernet cables. I hope you get to the page you're looking for...goodbye cruel world!


Feb. 10th, 2010 08:30 am
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I can't see pictures on my Friends page. Or, rather, I can see pictures just fine, as long as they're linked from some external source. If people post a picture direct to their LJ, I not only can't see the picture, I also don't even get any indication at all that a picture is absent. This caused quite a lot of bafflement before I worked out what the problem was, since I got completely empty posts, or quite notes culminating in "and then I saw this..." and then just ending. Often, it was only other people's comments that showed me that I was missing the whole point of the post.

I don't know if it's a related issue, but I can't post pictures directly to my own LJ, either. If I try, I get the message "you must be logged in to do this," or something along those lines, even though I am logged in.

I use Firefox, properly updated with all latest versions. I also can't view pictures when using Firefox on the laptop, but when I dig out an ancient copy of Internet Explorer and view my Friends page through that, all the pictures are present and correct.

Is there some obvious setting that I need to change?

Lost hours

Nov. 18th, 2009 05:19 pm
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It all started so innocently. Little did I think, when I made that first, casual, light-hearted dip into the shallow waters of this vast sink, that it would end like this. I thought I could control it. I don't even remember now what prompted that first little dabble, but I thought that was all it would be - one quick hit, and then I would walk away. But one hit leads to another, and another, and another. It has its good points, of course - oh how it has good points! The mind is expanded. The doors of perception open, and all things in the world are revealed to you. But the dark side... Oh, the dark side! One hit leads to another, and another, and another... and time flies without you noticing it, until you emerge much later, blinking at the wreckage of another day that you will never live again.

Curse you, Wikipedia!
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I don't normally post about things that make me sad, so just to get them all out of the way in one go:

- As those who read his journal know, Pellinor got made redundant shortly before Christmas. They're giving him a large enough lump of money that we're not going to in any financial difficulties - not for a good long while, anyway - and I know that many other people have lost their jobs in far worse situations, but it's still a worry.

- My computer is on its last legs, and has been refusing to boot up properly for the last few weeks. Every time I switch it off, I wonder if it will be for the last time. Pellinor has been taking it apart and fiddling in its innards, which usually allows it to limp through one more day, but I've had rather a lot less computer time these last few weeks than normal - one explanation for the fact that I've been far worse than normal at updating and commenting. We do have a laptop as back-up, but for some reason, things I read on the laptop never seem quite real, and I've never got the hang of writing on it at all.

- This whole business about LJ possibly vanishing is worrying me. Even though I don't post as often as I used to, I'd be absolutely lost without it.

- I normally avoid writing about fandom things on this journal, but the final episode of Stargate Atlantis is airing on Friday. I know full well that the show is flawed, so please don't tell me how you never liked it, but, for whatever reason – partly because of those flaws and gaps and lost opportunities - it sparked my imagination and made me write more prolifically and more enthusiastically than I've ever done before (going on for 700,000 words in around 18 months.) And now it's going. I still have stories to tell, and I'm not ready to give it up, but I'm watching the fandom fade away before my eyes, and it makes me sad.
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What's the going rate for a Christmas tip for the milkman? Does anyone here tip postmen? Binmen?

(This post is brought to you from a skeletal computer with innards hanging out, which refused point blank to boot up earlier until Pellinor attacked it with a screwdriver. I don't know if it's back for good, or if this is its last heroic gasp, but I am doing some serious and long overdue backing up.)
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I always feel a very surprisingly strong feeling of outrage when I can't find something out of the internet. It's not as if I believe that "it's all on the internet now," to use the argument of head teachers who are closing school libraries across the land, and there are many, many occasions when I would turn to a book, rather than the net. However, when I want to look up a quick fact, apparently I expect the internet to have the answer. Librarians are forever hearing users wail "it isn't on the internet!" only to find said fact within a few seconds, utilising their super librarian powers. So when a fact does elude me, I feel this enormous sense of outrage, as if the very universe itself has betrayed me.

ETA: Ooh! 15 minutes ago, I could view my Friends page, but now it's been blocked by my work filter, so when I get home, I might have some great clues as to exactly what words it doesn't like. I still reckon it's something totally random, like parsnip or marmoset.
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As a sequel to one of the threads on my yesterday post: Today I was reading an article from last week's Times in which an academic was claiming that today's 18 year olds generally have no ability to assess sources of information. They believe every last word they read on the internet, accept Wikipedia as the source of all truth, and think that the first site thrown up by a Google search is always the most relevant.

Now, this is something I've noticed in some older people. When I hold sessions for older novice computer users, they generally think that every word on the internet is true. I've likened this to the illiterate peasant's belief in the magical power of the written world. When you're defeated by double clicking, you tend to think that only super-geniuses can actually put up websites. Younger people, though, have been brought up with computers and the internet. Many of them probably have websites of their own, so surely they must know that any fool and his dog can put stuff up there and claim it's true. I'd have thought that they would be less likely to believe what they read nowadays. A proper published book exudes (whether rightly or wrongly) quite a lot of authority, and the internet makes it so much easier to see that different opinions exist (assuming you look). In "the old days", your local library might have one solitary book on a subject, and that might have been the only source of information that you could lay your hands on. Today you can instantly get a dozen websites that disagree with each other.

More )
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My computer is making an ungodly noise, so I've hastily backed up all unposted stories just in case, and have run away to Pellinor's computer. This is annoying. I'd hoped to do an hour's writing before work, and then perhaps the final tweaking and posting of another story just after work, but now I can't. Pellinor's immensely enormous CRT monitor sits too close to the front of the desk, and flickers slightly (in my eyes, anyway - Pellinor doesn't see it) and it makes me feel ill if I use it for more than a few minutes at a time. He also has a silly computer chair. Hopefully he can fix my computer this evening with a bit of judicious prodding.

EDIT: Computer fixed! Twas dust in the graphics card fan (?). And my email is working again, too! I've been unable to access Demon's webmail all day on other computers, and mail was dodgy all weekend, too. It appears I received quite a few LJ comments I was unaware of, since the notification has only just come through two days late.
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It seems I was premature in declaring my computer "dead, dead, dead." It was on - on life-support, I think - all day yesterday, while Pellinor's computer was copying all its data. I came home, and immediately started pottering on Pellinor's computer, just assuming mine was still dead. When Pellinor came home, he went to fiddle with my computer... and found that it was already all alive and happy again. Yay!

Or maybe this is what it wants me to think. It seems rather suspicious that it spontaneously got up again 12 hours after dying and being committed to the grave. I am open to the possibility that it is now one of the Undead, bent on destroying me by sucking away my life through its minions, LJ and fanfic, and enslaving me, so I spend my life in its thrall, unable to escape. I have steaks and garlic ready. (I'm working on the stakes.)

Still, it's nice to have my computer back, Undead or not. Pellinor's computer is scary. Or, more accurately, Pellinor's monitor is scary. I think it's technically no bigger than mine, but mine's flatscreen, while Pellinor's is a CRT is immense and terrifying ginormousness, so deep that it takes up about 90% of the desk. The enormous screen looms barely six inches away from the front of the desk, as if its trying to ram itself into my eyeballs. I keep shying away and backing off, but I swear that it follows me, like one of those people who always stands too close when talking to you, so you subconsciously back away, and they subconsciously follow, and you end up half a mile away from where the party was, about to fall backwards into a swimming pool.


May. 30th, 2007 08:30 am
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My computer is dead. Dead, dead, dead. Last night it couldn't find the printer. Pellinor poked it and prodded it, and all was well. But this morning (probably unrelated to the above) it wouldn't even boot up at all. Or, rather, it obliging showed me the desktop, but refused point blank to go any further. Pellinor has poked and prodded it, but has to go off to work now. (I'm using his computer at the moment.) I'm thinking anxiously of all the stuff I've added to my "Stuff I've writ" folder since my last backup. I'm also remembering anxiously that I turned off my virus scanner's daily checks during the weekend, since they messed up the running of Unreal Tournament, and forgot to put them on again.

I am also so very impossibly tired, so any small setback is assuming epic proportions in my head. Last night, the cats had a Drama, after which I couldn't get back to sleep for hours - not helped by a brain that is very much in New Fandom mode, and buzzing all over the place. I so do not want to go away this weekend. I so do not want to have to be bright and bubbly in front of children all week at storytimes. I just want to sleep for a week.
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Is anyone else not getting their email notifications from LJ? I've received hardly any since Sunday, and I'd assumed that it was a universal problem, since that's happened before. However, Pellinor now tells me that he's getting his notifications okay, and I've seen quite a few people respond so quickly to comments that it looks as if they're getting theirs, too.

EDIT: Okay. Today I have received one comment promptly, one comment six hours late, one comment that was sent two days ago, but that's all. If anyone fails to get a reply to anything they expect me to reply to, this is the reason.

EDIT 2: Right. This might be fixed. I've told LJ to send notifications direct to my proper email address, rather than doing it via gmail, and I've had a hundred percent success rate out of the... er... one comment it's been tested on. Though this won't help with the backlog.


Jul. 19th, 2006 06:26 pm
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My computer keeps mislaying the Internet. It's not a problem with the ISP, because the other computers in the house can find it happily enough. Restarting the computer makes it find the internet again, but it then loses it again between ten and thirty seconds later. I just had to restart about ten times just to upload four files to my website. Odd.

Also, the old computer in the garage, which I'm currently using, has decided to forget that I ever existed. Mozilla has forgotten my homepage and lost all my bookmarks and history, and all my options and preferences have gone.

Maybe it's the heat...
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Computer: You have unused icons on your desktop. Do you want to get rid of them?
Me: No.
Computer, one minute later: You have unused icons on your desktop. Do you want to get rid of them?
Me: No! I told you last time! No!
Computer, one minute later: You have unused icons on your desktop. Do you want to get rid of them?
Me: NOOOO! Shut up! Go away! Aaaargh!

Work computer, yesterday: I have installed some updates that you didn't want, but the IT department decided you needed, and thus installed on your computer remotely without asking you leave or warning you. You need to restart your computer before they take effect. Restart now?
Me, in the middle of something complicated: No
Computer, one minute later: Do you want to restart now?
Me: (stubbornly refusing to be bullied.) No
(repeat 30 times until, finally...)
Me: Okay. You've made me lose all concentration. You've ruined the thing I was working on. Just shut up!.. *stamps snarling around the office while the computer restarts.*

Pop-up (which has somehow managed to get round Mozilla's "block pop-ups" feature): Do you want to install this amazing and wonderful Unwanted Software?
Me: No
Pop-Up: Well, bwahahaha! I'm going to install it anyway. *starts installing*
Me: Ctrl-Alt-Del - End task
Pop-up, with its last dying breath: Well, if you're going to do that, I'll jolly well make sure that you lose all the other 25 tabs you had open at the same time, and are left with nothing, haha!
Me: Stomps round house snarling and cursing the very existence of computers.


May. 10th, 2006 04:18 pm
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Styoopid work internet filter. It's only gone and seen fit to block the website for "RAW", a major adult literacy initiative, on the grounds that it's "entertainment." This now joins the long list of websites that I cannot view at work, despite them being vital to my job.

(I can, however, still view LJ. Is this the sort of situation when one is supposed to say "go figure"? I've never been quite sure.)

Also, I received a nice disc full of graphics and pictures that I can insert into my own leaflets and letters to promote the summer reading challange. Trouble is, they're 40 megabytes each, and crash my antediluvian computer on sight. Very useful, then.
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Can anyone recommend a UK-based web hosting service?

I want somewhere geared to home users, not businesses. I want somewhere reliable, that isn't plagued by frequent downtimes or go-slows, and that isn't going to go bust in a few months. (Cheap is good, but reliability is even better.) I don't want to have to display advertising. I want to have about 100MB of space. I don't need anything fancy at all, just a place to park a website. I'm about to outgrow the free webspace that comes with my ISP, and they don't seem to offer a "buy extra space" deal for regular humans, only an expensive web hosting service for businesses.


Jan. 9th, 2006 12:49 pm
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Strange how a dream can affect your mood all day. Last night, I dreamed that we had been burgled, and my computer had been stolen, containing a vast amount of irreplaceable stuff. I've felt unsettled all morning, as if someone really had been inside my house, going through my stuff. I know full well it was only a dream, but the emotions still feel real.

I'm also in quite a frenzy to get home and do some back-ups. I'm awful at it. Last year, I accidentally deleted over 8 years' worth of emails in my "kept for posterity" folder, which was the closest thing I had to a diary of those years. It was partly the fault of stupid software that makes it ridiculously easy to delete a whole folder, when you think you're just deleting one letter within it. But, really, it was my own fault for not having any back-ups.

And have I learnt my lesson from this? No...
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Dear Mr Work Computer,

A few hours ago, you told me you had updates to install. You told me you would need to restart the computer to do so. "Restart now, or restart later?" you asked. Since I was then racing against time to get a few million project books discharged, I said "restart later."

However, Mr Work Computer, I think you misunderstand the meaning of "restart later." It means "I will restart you, okay, but only when I'm ready, because I've got something I really need to get on with right now." It doesn't mean, "please flash a message up every two minutes reminding me about it.

Now, I hate to hurt anyone's self-esteem, but, really, you are the slowest and most pathetic computer in the entire world. "Restart now" ought to mean "stop and save your work, and resume it happily two minutes later, with a newly-updated computer." However, in your case, it means, "twiddle your thumbs for 20 minutes while your computer takes longer to restart than any computer in existence ought to take." If you bucked up your ideas, I might be more receptive to this "restart now" command, but since you're pathetic, I will ignore you, snarl at you... and probably end the day by throwing you out of the window.


Annoyed of Insula Vectis

P.S. Three "do you want to restart your computer?" messages flashed up during the typing of this letter
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After nearly seven years, I have changed my desktop wallpaper. For all of that time, I've had a publicity photo of Obi-Wan and Darth Maul posing in mortal combat, all faint silhouettes and muted shades of sunset. I downloaded it in those heady days after the teaser trailer for episode one had come out, and we all still thought the film would be wonderful. I've kept it so long because icons showed up well on it, and it had become part of the scenery. Anything else looked wrong.

But yesterday I changed it, to a George RR Martin wallpaper from this site. I know it's a totally trivial thing, really, but it feels really strange for my computer to look so different. It really does feel as if I've changed the wallpaper in my house. It feels like the end of an era.

Anyway... I'm off to Warwick in a few hours for part two of the Training Course With Excellent Food (oh, and some interesting training sessions, too.) Annoyingly, the course starts too early tomorrow for me to get there in time, so I have to travel up today and spend a night in a normal boring hotel, before moving tomorrow to the super-amazing conference accommodation with internet access in each room, and three course meals at every turn.
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My computer started screaming like a banshee some hours ago. I switched it off, but it made no difference. I had to shut all doors, and barricade myself in the furthest room, with a laptop.

I finally traced the screaming to the surge protector that [ profile] king_pellinor proudly installed some months ago. He told me all about it, but I rather suspect that I wasn't really listening. Anyway, I've unplugged it... and now it's going "Beep! Beep! Beep!" even louder than it was screaming. There is nowhere in the house that is free from the sound. I'm just about ready to throw the entire computer through the window.

I hope Big Hunter Pellinor comes home soon with his Plastic Sword of Fierce-Thing Vanquishing (plus ten).

(I also hope he comes home with cherry wine.)


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