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Some weeks ago, I was complaining here about the fact that three of my staple food products had been discontinued. One of these was M&S tomato and basil soup. Well, a few weeks ago, entirely by chance, I happened to notice some familiar-looking tins in a rack at knee-level underneath the fridges that contained various ready meals: more precisely, underneath the Gastropub range (which I initially wrote as Gastropud and then corrected to Gastropug.) I went back to the soup section to double-check, and there was still no tomato and basil soup there, not even a shelf label to denote where it should have been. This has continued to be the state of affairs in the weeks that have followed. Tomato and basil soup has not been discontinued, after all; it has merely been reclassified as Not Soup, as has sweet potato and butternut squash soup. Instead they are things whose natural home is QUITE OBVIOUSLY an inconspicuous rack underneath over-priced pre-prepared meals.

I am at a loss to understand the logic behind this. I can see the sense in putting SOME tins of soup near the ready meals, in the hope that people are prompted to buy an additional and unplanned starter, but why on earth would you house all but two of your soups together, while banishing all tins of two flavours to the other side of the shop? It's a bit like evicting Weetabix from the cereal aisle and housing it instead with toilet rolls, or banishing strawberry jam to the shoe section.


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