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I have never worked out what is more annoying: having a favourite food product vanish without trace from the shops, or seeing those dreaded words: "New, improved recipe."

But I do know what is far more annoying than either of these: having not one, not two, but THREE of your staple products disappear AT THE SAME TIME!

I have checked frequently over the last month, and have seen no trace of the following products:

- My joint-favourite soup. This is a Big Deal, since I eat a tin of soup every day for my lunch at work, and I used to alternate between my two favourites. By favourite, I mean that they have the perfect combination of lovely taste and low calories. Others are equally nice, but provide 100 extra calories. Others provide the same calories, but aren't as nice. I've found a couple more which are similar calories and ALMOST as nice, so all is not lost, but, still...

- My favourite frozen supermarket pizza. Or, to be more accurate, the ONLY frozen supermarket pizza that suits me perfectly. This is even worse than the soup, since I spent 10 minutes today scouring every since one in the shop, and nothing else fills me with any real excitement at all, or else are Too Big or Too Small to be shared between two people as the main component of their dinner.

- My favourite yogurts. The second half of my work lunch is yogurt, but I am VERY fussy. Most yogurts are too sweet for my taste, and only ones labelled as "organic" have proved to be sufficiently unsweet (or, rather, sufficiently lacking in hideous sweetener) for me to accept. This one is less disastrous, since I only discovered this particular 4-pack a few months ago, and other acceptable 4 packs exist, but still...

Yes, I know that these are pretty minor worries, as worries go, but still...

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