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Week 4 has involved 3 minute and 5 minute stretches of running, two of each, with much less walking in between - 90 minutes after the 3 minute stretches and two and a half minutes after the 5 minutes. I'm still not getting stiff or massively out of breath, although my legs have been getting quite weary while actually running. I've also started getting a bit of stitch, although nothing too bad - mild discomfort, really, rather than pain, although it was a bit worse today during the first 5 minute stretch.

I realised today that I've had no shin pain this week, despite getting very mild twinges of discomfort in my right shin in the first few weeks. This could be due to the new shoes. However, for the first few weeks, I was learning a Cotswold Morris jig on Monday nights (officially a rest day, but hey...). Cotswold Morris is more boingy than the types of dancing I normally do, and the dance I was learning involved a lot of capers, in which you leap off your left foot and land with all your weight on your right leg. We didn't do it at this week's practice, and there's no practice next week, so it remains to be seen whether the (very slight) shin pain was caused by dancing or by ill-fitting shoes.

Weather has been one of the themes of this week. Sunday was really quite wet - although I waited until the worst of the rain had passed - and also quite windy. Just as I had to start my first run, I rounded a corner and got hit full in the face with a strong headwind, bearer of horizontal rain. Not nice. Tuesday night and today involved no more than hints of slight drizzle, and were also noticeably milder than last week's runs.

Pellinor was still ill last Sunday, so I went out alone. He joined in again on Tuesday, and although he'd missed 2 runs, he concluded that he was fit enough to continue on without filling in the missing runs. We're away tomorrow night, so brought tomorrow's run forward. Pellinor has dancing practice tonight, but for once, he was home on time from work (6.30) so we were able to go out immediately, before returning to eat the dinner I'd mostly cooked before we left. The timing is challenging, though. I'm always desperately hungry by the time he gets home, so am reluctant to do run regularly before dinner. However, after-dinner runs end up being fairly late, since we need to leave sufficient time for the meal to go down. We have fairly small meals, but now we're running for a bit longer, I was beginning to feel as if I was running too soon after dinner for my liking. However, I found today's run harder than Tuesday's, so maybe running while hungry isn't the answer, either.

Week 5 next, and that looks terrifying. I am very dubious about my ability to do it. This time next week, it's going to expect us to run for 20 minutes without a break. :-O
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