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I never thought to be writing a post about handbags, but I just need to say how awesome the Handbag of Holding is - although at 15 X 11 X 4 inches, I'd hardly call it a handbag. I wanted it to carry books and lunches to work. I've previously had several nice fabric bags, with a long strap to wear cross-body, but they got grubby and worn out over time, and they also were limp and floppy when only lightly loaded. I then had one with more structure to it, but absolutely no capacity. It struggled with just one book and a tin of soup.

But this handbag of holding is awesome. It's made of sensible grey canvas, which won't show much dirt. (Other versions are available, though. You can even get it in bright orange dragonscale.) It has structural integrity and stays upright even when empty. It has lovely broad carrying handles, allowing you to carry it by hand without the handles digging into your palms. It has a nice broad (detachable) shoulder strap, long enough to be carried cross-body. It has loads and loads of pockets and compartments of many different sizes, allowing you to play the fun game called, "I know it's in here somewhere, but where on earth did I put it?" The zip tag is made of a metal d20. And it really is a Bag of Holding. It eagerly accepts anything you give it. Today I fed it with 5 books, 3 tins of soup and 4 yogurts, and it was still eager and hungry for my 6 apples, although I kept them away from its grabby hands, lest the soup tins bruised them.

Should anyone feel inspired to buy one - and it's one sale at the moment - I should add the warning that it's quite a heavy bag (2lbs even when empty) - but I still think it's awesome.
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