Mar. 1st, 2017

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These two weeks took rather longer than planned, with days missed due to excess Morris dancing and illness, but we’ve got there eventually.

Weeks 6 and 7 )

Overall, one thing I've become very aware of is the effect of very small slopes, wind direction and tiredness. Running has led me to discover small rises on roads I've walked hundreds of times without noticing that they're anything other than flat. Unless it's a howling gale on a hill, I've never noticed wind direcetion making walking harder or easier. I've also never noticed my walking endurance being affected by the amount of sleep I've had the night before. I've actually done some of my longest walks on days when I'm very sleep deprived, on the grounds that at least it will keep me awake and stop me from getting dopey and useless on the couch. With running, though, we've both found our Sunday runs generally harder than weekday ones, and these are the most likely to take place after a late night.

After the first 25 minute walk, I felt a bit dizzy as soon as I stopped. I thought this might be due to hunger, since I’m very prone to hunger-related dizziness, but it went away after a few minutes, even though I hadn’t eaten anything. Since then, I've felt briefly dizzy after every 25 minute run, even those just an hour or two after dinner. I see online that this is fairly normal, but it's a bit annoying.

I've also concluded that I find it harder when I don't know how far I've still got to run. I find it quite arduous and stressful to be running along hoping against hope that the voice to pipe up in my ear and tell me that we've done 10 minutes (or whatever.) Mind you, I would also find it stressful to be reminded every minute that I still had a long way to go. At the moment, the best thing for me is to do exactly the same route each time, since I know that I've just got to keep going until I reach that point there. It's the same with walking, really. If I think about the time or mileage, it takes forever, but if I know that I'm walking to a certain place, even one that's a very long way away, I just get on with it and the miles and hours melt away. For future runs, after we’ve finished the programme, I think I'll need to map out a carefully measured route along familiar paths, and then just forget about times and distances until I reach the known location that marks the end.

28 minute runs next week...


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