Jan. 9th, 2017

Boot grump

Jan. 9th, 2017 03:48 pm
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When my old walking boots literally started falling apart, a year of boot-related angst ensued: six months in which I clung, whimpering, to my old boots, and insisted on wearing them even though they were becoming more hole than boot; several weeks of trying on every pair of boots on sale on the island, some of them twice; then six months of hating the new boots merely because they weren't my old ones. From the start, they never gave me blisters, but the heel was a bit bigger, and I resented it bitterly for this.

Once I got over this somewhat irrational hatred, I realised that actually these new boots were rather awesome: comfortable, far more waterproof than the old ones, and exuding an air of indestructability. Despite this, the day will doubtless come when they need to be replaced, so I recently decided that I'd avoid a repeat of the trauma of a couple of years ago by buying another identical pair. This would also allow me to keep a spare pair in the mainland car, to avoid the need to ferry boots to and fro over the Solent when we go on holidays.

This leads me to the following points.

- Why don't shoes and boots have the name of their style clearly written inside, to aid people who want to rebuy them? By careful comparison of pictures, I deduced that I was looking for a Bergaus Explorer Trail ladies' light hiking boot, as opposed to a Bergaus Explorer Trex or a B. E. Trail Plus or a hiking boot (non light) with a similar name, or a walking shoe with a similar name. It would have been nice to have been told.

- It's very annoying that boots stay on the market for only a year or two before disappearing. I expect the company wants to have a constant flow of new products getting reviews, and they can go on about new improved designs and new technology and the like. But it can be really hard to get boots that feel good, and chances are, the "new improved" version isn't going to work for someone who was utterly content with the old model. It would be lovely if you could buy a boot in 2014, secure in the knowledge that you can reasonable hope to replace it with exactly the same version in 2017.

- It is very annoying that when, following many failures, you eventually find a website that - yay! - has the boot you want and it lets you select its size and its colour and add it to basket... only to reveal, when you click "checkout," that actually the boot is out of stock. If the product is unavailable and never likely to be available again, please remove it from your listings. If it's unavailable and likely to come back, at least put "not currently available" in a nice prominent location. If only some sizes are available, at least let us know when we try to select our size. Don't raise our hopes, only to snatch them away and laugh.



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